Well WORLD WAR Z is coming and it's going to be huge -- as in 'huge success' or 'huge bomb'. I'm hearing guesstimates of the budget being between $125 million and $185 million. Anyone that thinks zombies have peaked ought to consider that a studio does an enormous amount of research and conducts countless focus groups before it invests that kind of money in a film. (As an aside, the zombie industry generated $5 billion in revenues in 2011.)

The film is presently slated to be released on June 21, 2013. There's been a lot of buzz comparing the film to the novel -- not all of it good.

I'd like to hear what orgers specifically think of this project and the future of zombies in general. Feel free to post trailers and 411, and have at each other. After all, ripping each other limb from limb is a part of the zombie culture.