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Thread: Create A Bio For Keldor Swords !

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    Create A Bio For Keldor Swords !

    OK Guys,

    Back in time, when Scott revealed the information of classics Keldor swords in production, it was believed that the swords will come packed with a new figure. It was also believed the history of dual swords will be mentioned in that “supposed to be” figures bio !

    Now that we've got the Keldor swords via new Weapons Pak, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that we won’t be seeing any information in related to the swords. So, I’ve decided to make my own bio for the dual swords !

    NOTE : Firstly, I am not the best in “story making“ & that means, I have zero creative knowledge at writing stories. This bio may not even sink with the current classics continuity. So bear this if it sounds dumb & please correct me if there are any mistakes (even if it happens to be a grammatical error).

    BTW, I also encourage people to write their own bio for the dual swords !

    Now, Its BIO TIME :-

    Name : Duals Of Destruction Swords

    Real Name : Duals Of Destruction

    Originally created by King Miro for his beloved sons Prince Keldor & Prince Randor, the “Duals Of Destruction” swords were presented to them for their brave attitude. Deadly in sharp, both swords have the capability of piercing, possibly any kind of material in the whole universe ! Both swords were viewed as the symbols of the Eternian Kingdom & Royalty. Initially, both swords were identical to each other, crafted with the design of Eternia’s ancient god, Eagloria !

    As Keldor secretly learnt his dark arts in city of Zalesia, his passion towards the city’s worshiped god Havocorsia raised to an unimaginable level ! So much that he went on to transform his sword magically & replaced the eternian ancient god with his current favourite !

    As the years passed, when the envy & ego topped towards his younger brother, Keldor stole Randor’s sword & claimed that it was rightfully his. His attempt was failed when he tried to transform Randor’s sword similar to his own, but later discovered he cannot since once the sword were in the “hands of good” & that will forever be loyal to Eagloria !

    Even though the “Duals Of Destruction” swords contain no special or magical powers, the sprits with the blessing of Havocorisa inside the sword keeps Skeletor’s evil moral on high level !
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