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    Parts for sale/trade

    Prices have been added to list items. US and Canada shipping only. Thanks, again.


    Trap Jaw $2
    Hordak $2
    Faceless One $3
    BG Fvil Lyn in helmet $3
    Shadowbeast $2
    Demo man $3
    Whiplash $2
    Goddess with headdress $2
    Flipshot, no helmet version $3
    PG Quidian $2
    PG Toy Guru $3
    Grizzlor $3

    King Hssss snake torso $6
    King Hssss staff $3
    Loose SDCC He-ro minus staff $20

    Snake Man at Arms mace $3
    Snake Man at Arms Serpent's Ring $3

    Demo-man mace $2

    Bow harp and arrow pack, no cape $3

    Hordak imp $1

    TRU Merman sword and armor $3

    He-man ax $2

    Count Marzo jewel $2

    Glory bird armor green $2

    BG Evil Lyn scepter top $1

    Catra sword $2

    Beastman red armor $2
    Beastman black whip $1

    Palace Guard small ax silver $2

    Prince Adam power sword $2

    Weapons Pack:
    Merman gold trident, armor, sword $3
    Zodac pink staff $1
    Beastman red whip $1
    He-man blue ax $2
    He-man blue sword $3
    He man blue shield $2
    Evil Lyn purple wand (no scepter top) and knife $2
    Moss man gray club $1
    Trap Jaw claw, ax, hand black $2
    Stratos jetpack red $1

    Weapons Rack:
    silver spear $2
    silver halberd $1
    small ax red $1
    small sword red $1

    clawful $2
    PG silver $2
    He man blue $2
    Catra $1
    Chief Carnivus $2

    He-man loin cloth
    Skeletor loin cloth
    Grizzlor loin cloth
    Human/flesh tone legs, m/f
    Chief C/Grizzlor legs
    Skeletor legs
    Marzo legs
    Shadowbeast feet and hands
    Faceless One boots
    Skeletor forearms
    Keldor hands


    BA Faker
    Vikor head
    Snake men 2 pack brown armor, sword, mace
    Bubble She-ra, loose or parts
    He-man gray power sword
    Optikk buck
    Skeletor purple power sword, yellow power sword, Havoc staff, head
    Skeletor any of the various heads
    Faceless One Havoc staff
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