A few years ago I came in contact with a Hasbro employee that worked in design. I mostly got Joe stuff from him because he loved TF's and kept those in a personal collection.
A while back he allowed me to buy from his TF collection and they were some of my prized toys and ones I thought I'd never part with. Unfortunately I've taken up some other expensive hobbies and I would like to travel more so I feel it is time to them let go. I am putting up these few things to start before I go the Ebay route. I REALLY want collectors within the community to have them and not bounce from dealer to dealer. Just keep in mind that this is some crazy TF history and basically items where only one exists. With that being said I am reasonable and not living in a fantasy as to what I could get for them. I also have TONS of Star Wars prototypes like painted Hard copies form modern series POTF, Clone Wars animated, prequals, Vintage redux and many more so if are looking anything SW related let me know.

If it doesn't have a picture I am getting to it soon or will send you one. So here goes:

*******Remember prices are not set in stone so feel free to make offers!!!!

Soundwave Commemorative or Classics version 2007 Test Shot complete with all parts, Laserbeak and battle Ravage. All three have NEVER been transformed by me except for the head popped up on Soundwave to show in the picture and the battery case removed to show the dates. Soundwave is molded in black plastic, Laserbeak in yellow plastic, and ravage in Black and purple. This is a one of a kind Test Shot figure, unpainted and in test packaging. It even has the Soundwave pop-up cut out for the box. The box is all white with the molded plastic insert trays to hold the toys. It was never sealed and can be removed and replaced. $800 shipped

Generations G2 Prime Gray and Blue Prototype. No accessories ( I know he's not Transformed properly but these things are fragile so I didn't want to break him, I have since Transformed him the right way) This is one of my Favorites. Etched in his hood is "H-1063" There is most likely a "not for sale" somewhere on him usually they are visible in alt modes. $250

Generations Drift Test Shot Packaged Sample. Bubble is on but loose, white blank cardback has stains on it, looks as though something spilled. Drift has "not for sale" stamped on the hood and H-2067 etched into his hood as well. $200

War for Cybertron Prototype Optimus Prime. This Prime is pretty close to the production version. "Not for sale" stamped on the roof and H-2063 etched into the hood. $150

Darkness/ Leader Class Unreleased Megatron

This is a TF Prime Megatron that has not yet come to the states but is what has become Takara's Darkness Megatron. He is stamped 2059 on his Chest and left leg. His Right leg is stamped "Not for sale". His legs are a bit loose and the plastic used to mold him has an unfinished, kind of rough surface. No micron but there is some kind of weird weapon in his left hand, a blade of some kind. No crotch piece either $175

Transformers Prime (RID) IronHide $150

You want an American release Prime Ironhide???? Here you go. Originally going to be an IronHide Hasbro changed him into Sargent Kup and painted him blue/green. This guy has his weapons and is stamped "not for sale" on his hood and the numbers 2063

Transformers Prime Unreleased Frenzy. Red version that was scrapped by Hasbro, Production level figure that never made it out and was cancelled. Its the same car as the production Rumble but red and with a new molded head. I believe the Head is being used on the yet to be released Frenzy in Japan but he will still be a Blue car $175

Marvel Universe 9" Spider-man 2-up prototype. It is the 3.75 figure done in a larger size so they could work out the kinks. Unpainted and articulated. Molded in red and blue resin plastic BUT VERY FRAGILE!!! $150

Marvel Iron Man Movie Figure 2-up prototype movie 3.75 figure oversized with a broken right hand and a loose right leg. also very fragile. molded in yellow and white resin plastic $125