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Thread: A dropper attachment for TrapJaw for sale (winch)

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    A dropper attachment for TrapJaw for sale (winch)

    There are 2 ways to buy this:

    From shapeways yourself:


    Comes unpainted and without a string/hook (but still very cool)

    or I'm also looking for 3 people to preorder.

    It will be $35 each but it includes:
    • Free shipping in the USA
    • Painted (clear coat and blue details)
    • Webtors, string/hook

    (This will help me with shipping cost to buy in bulk)
    It's about a 4 week turn around (shapeways takes sometime to 3D print them then I still have to paint and mail them back out)

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    This thing is amazing! I've bought a few of your custom pieces now (diamond ray of disappearance and the horn) this one will definitely be next!!

    So cool He-bro!
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    Money is a little tight right now, Bro... but I do want a painted one.
    Good work. once again.

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