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    Mysterio's Wants & Haves


    Hey all! I will be continually updating this list, but need to start somewhere!
    Mostly looking to trade. Items for sale too, please PM with questions.

    Again, bear with me as I update this list. Thanks!


    MOTUC: MOC doesn't matter to me.
    Two Bad
    Blast Attack
    Kobra Khan
    (Even if I don't have a figure listed, you can still offer me what you have, I may be up for it in trade)

    MOTU Vintage:
    All loose desired

    Marvel Legends & Marvel 6" Scale figs (loose desired):
    Scorpion (not shiny metallic version)


    Adam (loose, smiling face only, still on plastic bubble and complete)
    Count Marzo (Complete, in great shape, put back in plastic bubble, displays nicely on card. With white mailer!)

    Complete set of Mer-Man's yellow accessories (sword, trident and armor)
    Complete Vykron Tank/Military outfit including head
    Complete Vykron Space Ace outfit
    Chronis head (a tiny bit of white paint got on his lip)

    MOTU Vintage:
    Hordak (w/armor, but no weapons nor cape)
    Jitsu (w/armor, but no sword)
    Roboto (no hand attachments, has color fading)
    Stratos (missing arms, face has paint wear)
    Teela (some paint wear and missing cobra headdress/armor)
    Misc. Weapons (not many, but feel free to ask)

    30/30 Horse/Figure (saddle and foot straps only. loose, but in great shape though!)
    Tex Hex (great shape, almost complete!)

    Marvel Legends:
    Angel - Red version L/C
    Archangel - Latest 2012/2013 version, in classic blue/magenta colors MOC!
    Sentinel Left Leg BAF piece

    Marvel Universe & All other Marvel 3.75" (All MOC/MIB):

    Apocalypse (MOC)
    Archangel (MOC)
    Archangel Deathmask Variant (MOC)

    Black Widow - Romanoff Version (MOC)
    Classic Avengers Team Pack (MIB)
    Dark/Ultimate Magneto (MOC)
    Electro (Translucent hands variant) MOC
    Falcon (MOC)
    Ice Attack Frost Giant (MOC)
    Iron Patriot (MOC)
    Juggernaut (MOC)
    NYCC Compound Hulk (MOC in Box)
    Red Skull from Captain America line (MOC)
    Shadowland/Black Daredevil (MOC)
    Sif from Thor Movie Line (MOC)
    Sorcerer's Fury Loki (MOC)
    Storm (MOC)
    War Machine - Good movie version one from IM 2 line (MOC)

    Marvel Universe and other Marvel 3.75" (All loose and complete, unless noted):
    Wolverine - X-Force Costume (not mint)
    Captain America (Ultimate/First released version)
    Classic Iron Fist (one loose leg/hip ball joint, Hasbro's fault - easily fixed)
    Classic Luke Cage
    Hawkeye (Original bright colors)
    Cyclops (Wolverine X-Men Origins movie line)
    Maverick (Wolverine X-Men Origins movie line) original pistol lost, but replaced with similar gun.
    Ultron (from comic 2 pack)
    Mr. Fantastic (from comic 2 pack, white boots deco)
    The Torch (fully flamed on)
    The Thing - Negative Zone Variant (White boots)
    Wonderman (from comic 2 pack)

    G.I. Joe FIgures:
    Snake Eyes (Ninja Commando #1101): Pursuit of Cobra line. Comes with tons of accessories, not the one with Timber. MOC
    Jungle Viper (Cobra Junble Trooper #1013): Pursuit of Cobra line. Very cool fig. MOC
    Cobra Commander (Cobra Leader): Renegades cartoon line. MOC
    Storm Shadow (Cobra Ninja): Renegades cartoon line. MOC
    Iron Grenadier (Elite Trooper): 30th Ann. Line? 2011. MOC
    G.I. Joe Trooper (Blue Scarf): Retaliation line. MOC
    Cobra Commander (Blue Variant): Retaliation Line. MOC (I may be opening this sucker soon FYI!)

    Have vintage M.A.S.K., loose Doctor Who action figures and more!
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