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Thread: Star Comics, Issue 10

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    Star Comics, Issue 10

    Can anyone help me on this?

    I recently got Issue 10 of the Star Comics, and the first scene doesn't make sense!

    Blade and Saurod ambush the heroes, and Saurod sends Man-At-Arms to sleep with his sparks.

    Blade is captured by He-Man.

    However, when Teela catches up with Adam, he tells her Kobra Khan sent Duncan to sleep, and they have Webstor captured?!

    So, whats the story? Was it originally supposed to be Webstor and Kobra Khan, and changed to Blade and Saurod to feature the new figures?

    If it was, then one page got past the proof readers!
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    Quite probably. Some of the dialogue makes more sense for Webstor than for Blade. "I promise, Mommy, I'll never climb the walls again" is somewhat funny from the former, but just nonsensical for the latter.

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    I think it's exactly what you assume. I am a big fan of the Star Comics but they are far from flawless. They probably did the comic with Webstor and KK and then someone from Mattel wanted to replace them to promote the movie figures.

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