What are your 5 favourite stations? I'll get the ball rolling.

1. Hordak: Everything about him is exactly how I wanted him to look. And demonstrated the level of detail the stactions could feature that the figures couldn't.
2. Stinkor: An excellent example of how the 200x series took the vintage designs and simply made them more detailed.
3. Evil-Lyn: In particular, I love the classic coloured version, the new sculpt leaves the toy version for dead.
4. Sorceress: While I'm not as keen on the 200x interpretation as others, the amount of detail on her is great and having Zoar seals the deal.
5. Battle Armour He-Man: While he has silver paint on his neck where he should have flesh colored paint, I love this take on the classic battle armour. Unfortunately we'll never get a companion battle armour Skeletor.