hey friends!

a few of us on the org have a passion for creating, and I would like to share with you a bit about my project! Defenders of Eden is a SciFi/Fantasy story that i have created, and along with fellow orgers like bearshow, ICEMAN, and even danbrenus (who has done some vintage art for us) we have built up enough of a world, story and adventure that shortly we will be starting a kickstarter for the comic! for now, to build a bit of fan base, we are releasing characters, and story info on the facebook page, so that when the kickstarter is launched its not an "out of the blue" sort of thing.....

most of the characters are my own, but some of a few orgers were kind enough to pass on the rights to their own character creations, to help "flush" out the wonderful world that is EDEN. you might know this guy........

BaeNa is the guardian of the southern tower of space!

and my creation....

Lady Maryweather the evil crone of EDEN!

anyways guys, hope you look us up on facebook and show your support. with so much creativity going on around here, its been so much fun becoming of a family, and hope you enjoy our venture!



TechTrek (Matthew)