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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Official Thread

    So Netflix added the original Power Rangers (and the spin offs) to its library and I found myself watching it again. Wow, I remember as a kid thinking this show was dreadfully cheesy, and going back to it now, I honestly don't know how I made it through 4 seasons and a movie, and an SNES game.

    The bizarre 90s soundtrack, coupled with awkward voice overs from the young American actors (of the original Japanese footage) was laughable. The combat dialogue was ridiculous and the entire premise was just crazy. Dinosaurs, robots, power crystals, martial arts, monsters, demons, aliens, sorceresses, and high school. What a mess! Alpha was excruciating to watch! He was like the love child of C-3P0 and Orko.

    The monsters were nuts. I remember enjoying some of the earlier creatures like King Sphinx and Madame Woe, then game a menagerie of beasts belched from the bowels of some bizarre children's nursery rhyme book. Virtually every episode followed the same formula. Monster shows up. Rangers fight. Monster gets blasted to giant city stomping format. Rangers get into Zords, stomp monster. The end.

    Yet still, it has some charm to it. The original cast were great for a group of virtual unknowns. Who didn't want to hang out with Zach (Walter Jones)? Do math homework with Billy (David Yost)? Or take a karate lesson from (swoon over gorgeous) Jason (Austin St.John)? I'm sure a few guys around here gave Trini (Thuy Trang) or Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) a second glance.

    Somehow I managed to hang in there to see the Tommy, the Green Ranger, (Jason Frank) who kind of stole the spotlight from the Red Ranger, and eventually the White Ranger. At least thats how I felt about it at the time. What happened after that, I don't remember. Oh wait, at some point Goldar's face was given a massive visual update. That was cool. I think he was my favorite villain. While I do recall some of the martial arts sequences being surprisingly cool for a television budget, its hard to choke down with all the bad humor. Maybe this thread will bring together some other fans together.

    ... oh wait now I know why I watched this... His name was Austin St. John, the Red Ranger
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