Hello folks!

It's been a while but I just wanted to express the love that I have for MOTU vintage.

MOTU was my absolute favorite as a kiddo and I have some of my best Christmas memories from when Santa brought me Webstor, Buzz Off, He-man, Skeletor, Whiplash, Man-E-faces, Man at Arms, Battle Cat and Panthor!

Then I would save up my allowance money and buy more MOTU figures when my grandma or mom went to Roses or Sears

I don't actually know what happend to my MOTU vintage figures. I know we moved and they were gone somehow...a very sad day for me.

To fill this hole I have delighted in collecting the MOTUC line and still do, but I just still wanted the vintage figs.

So this week I begain my quest to get them all again!!! So far I have nabbed: Webstor, Buzz-Off, Spikor, Clawful (both versions), Man-E-Faces, Fisto, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Clamp Champ and Mer-Man who all appear to be in good shape and complete, but we'll see once I have them in hand. I did find a really good fix for loose legs too that I'm actually excited to try out if any of them arrive with excessivley loose legs.