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Thread: Need an Updated Filmation She-Ra Head

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    Need an Updated Filmation She-Ra Head

    Anyone have an updated Filmation She-Ra head for sale? The first run She-Ra heads had huge foreheads, thin lips, and a sunken face. The later released ones had better paint, and the tiara was lower on the forehead. Can anyone sell me the updated one? PM me with the price. Thanks

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    Really? Never even heard there was a difference between the earlier figures and the later ones...

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    Wow there actually is a very obvious difference between the 2. I'm surprised people aren't screaming over this.

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    This is just a case of some She-Ra's having their tiara glued on incorrectly. It wasn't a wide spread problem and very much like all the recently released Sorceress figures with the headdress glued on higher than they should have been. A dip in hot water and some super glue can fix the forehead issue. I'm not to sure as to how the face was "sunken" since the mold was exactly the same.
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