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Thread: So which 2013 sub items will receive no day of sales or very limited quotas?

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    I think Fangman is also an issue of if there was more DOS he would have sold out but many collectors don't want to pay as much as the many collectors who had more money then good sense. I have looked at the more recent auctions for him and his price has gone down which pretty much supports this. He still sells just not at the higher price he once was getting.

    He most likely did what mattel wanted, created an initial frenzy and I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't at least some intent with the Filmation sub, and somewhat with the Sub lite that was just offered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodac666 View Post
    I sold Fangman for $110
    Hot damn dude!!!
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeevesosiris View Post
    I would guess Geldor, because he cannot be that popular in terms of casual MOTU fans... but I am honestly not sure. Like many have said I would be surprised if they have any vintage figures without day of stock.
    I have no interest in him myself, and plan to sell him off. I really have no use for Mini Comic characters or NA characters, unless they look cool, seeing pics of Geldor in the books, easy pass....
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