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Thread: Hello from Kansas City!

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    Hello from Kansas City!

    Been a long time on and off lurker that finally decided to pop up and say hello after a combination of playing the He-Man app game and pre-ordering the Grayskull set got me off my butt to join the forms
    Little ashamed to admit that I finally started collecting the classics line. I debated it for a couple years now and my first purchase was the Vikor figure but I got him more for my Conan collection. However I just got my He-Man figure in the mail a few days ago and have more on the way soon. In the mean time I gave him a nice spot of honor:

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    Welcome Eternian-might
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    Welcome to! Hope you enjoy your stay
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    On behalf of's admin, staff, and moderators, allow me to extend an official Hello and welcome to, Eternian-might!! We're very glad to have you join our site hope you have a fun time discussing Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power here.

    Please be sure to read over the rules for posting here when you have an opportunity. Most of them are pretty easy to follow.

    We hope you really enjoy your time here! Welcome!
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    Welcome to the forums and have a good time.
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