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Thread: Help a brother out

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    Help a brother out

    Hey Gang,

    So, for the last few months my deliveries have been stolen off of my doorstep. I have been jumping through hoops to get someone to cover this, (Mattel/Post Office) but that is another story altogether.

    Long story short--I need to catch up on some figs I missed out on. Here is what I need:

    Mekaneck (pending)
    Snake Men
    Horde Prime
    Griffin (pending)
    Snake Man-at-arms(pending)
    Dragon Blast Skeletor(pending)
    And of course the mini-comic is lost to the winds as well

    Since I am paying double for these ideally if you are willing to part with them at cost or trade that would be great.

    I have:
    Snout Spout
    Hurricane Hordak
    Superman/He-Man two pack (pending)
    Have a Star Sisters pack as well

    SDCC Vykron (pending)

    These are all MIP in white mailer boxes.

    I may have a few others, but I am still going through my collection.

    This has stunk. I even had to re-buy the green lion from the Voltron collection.

    I have many other figures as well and will be working on digging em out and putting them up somewhere. If you have something you are looking for send me a message and ask. The worse that can happen is I don't have it.

    Hit me up with any other questions and thanks for looking.
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    I had something similar happen with UPS, its a mega pain in the ass, you will be lucky to get replacements. Really sorry to hear about this, I'm sure its got to be extremely frustrating! You should set up a camera.
    Anyhoo, Ive got several items you need, I'll shoot you a PM.

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    I understand your plight. You should consider a PO Box. Its not expensive and at least you dont have to worry about what might happen to you mail. Has worked great for the most part for me.
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    Yeah, it has been a real pain. Especially since I was looking forward to those figs. I watch delivery like a hawk now.

    P.O. Box. Great suggestion. I just might do that. Thanks.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is the only board I visit and this is the reason. For the most part, you guys came through and really helped me out. It sucks having to deal with the theft, but I knew I could count on you guys.

    I truly appreciate it. I still have some stragglers, but I got off to a good start.

    On a separate note, what did they call the grab bag sale last year? Was that pre-Christmas or post?


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