Who else remembers seeing these 2 modern (for the 80s anyway) New York City updates on Charles Deckens's classic stories of Christmas Carol/Oliver Twist in theaters as a kid during the holidays when they came out?

I did when i was in second grade and still remembered seeing both movies in theaters with Scrooged 3 times and Oliver 5 times with the final one being after Christmas day with the first viewing being on a field trip on opening day as i loved them. But before O&C came out in theaters i remembered the trailer to it on Roger Rabbit and seeing the parade at Disneyland in September as i recalled hugging the O&C characters and i had some O&C merchandise like readalong book with cassette, CD soundtrack (my first CD and still own it as i adore the music of Billy Joel and Huey Lewis), poster, stuffed Oliver, a few PVC toys from Sears, a couple of t-shirts, PJs, Mcdonalds happy meal toys, singing Ornaments from Mcdonalds and coloring books with junior novel. I was disappointed O&C never showed up on video the next year as i wanted it as i would ask my city's video stores if it will ever come to video and they didn't know i was ****** and it took 6 years to get to video, i did got it finally on video when i was 15 for Xmas and it's definitely one of my favorite Disney animated movies for the nostalgia 80s factor including for the solid cast and soundtrack by Joel and Lewis whom i'm a fan of both as i watch it every holiday season as an odd holiday tradition.

Although Scrooged did scared me at first with it's eyeball in the glass scene but still found it morbidly funny yet creepy and thought it was a funny movie as well, i even saw it on opening day. Definitely one of my favorite Xmas movies and fave takes on Decken's story. And who else thought Scrooged has a solid cast from Karen Allen, Brian Doyle Murray, Batman TAS's Riddler himself John Glover, Bobcat, Alfe Woodard and more?