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Thread: Wanting Monster High Dolls

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    Wanting Monster High Dolls

    Anyone on here a Monster High collector? I am needing some HTF dolls - mainly Gil and Holt Hyde. I keep running into dead ends when it comes to finding these at retail prices. Daughter is spazzing out over these two especially. Any help is greatly appreciated

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    I wish you good luck. My niece wanted both for xmas....I have been to every store in a 100 mile radius and have not found a single one of either. I finally gave up. I wish you the best.

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    I'm in the same boat... I give up. Can't imagine paying ebay prices of over $100 for a doll my girl will possibly tear up.. Good luck to you

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    Being male figures they may or may not be released again more likely not at this point. But with the holiday coming up who knows. Your best bet is to find out when your local stores get shipments in and just check on those days. But again based on who they are I don't think you will find them, maybe at the nontraditional markets for the dolls.
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