Hello, everyone. I'm a cherry picker: and I'm mostly interested in the figures that draw inspiration mainly from the old Filmation series. Those particular figures strike a chord of nostalgia like the others don't. However, even though they're awesome, they'll never be n exact representation of the Filmation design. I'm not talking about the extra details on the sculpt, Im talking about another thing that I've NEVER seen mentioned in these forums, video reviews or in blogs.

The MOTUC buck is too muscular.

Back in the day, Roger Sweet's vision was to create this line of toys were the characters had muscles that don't even exist on us humans: he wanted He-Man to make Schwarzenegger look like a wimp. But then came the comics and the Filmation toon, and those rendered the MOTU characters like a normal comic book superhero character.

So no MOTUC figure will ever look like his cartoon counterpart because of this. And yet I never hear anyone mention it. Anyone know why?