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    figure tray project

    After collecting a few figures for the collection that I want to give to my son, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. The figure case was just a bit too small, and I would have to buy a bunch to keep all of the figures in. Even with the figure cases, I fear that the accessories would get lost or mixed up too easily. I searched the internet for some kind of solution, and didn't really find anything that suited me. I searched Ikea for something that would work, and found nothing there. I toyed with the idea of using cardboard, and then of using a vacuum formed tray, but ultimately decided to build trays of wood...

    I built a prototype (for a very reasonable price) and tried it out...

    I was really happy with the result. I made a few more of these and will probably build a cabinet to put them in. I'm thinking of going with a castle grayskull motif on the outside of the cabinet. I painted the rest of the trays black.

    I have plenty of time to finish this project as I probably won't be giving this to him for a couple years.
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