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Thread: Would MOTU Be Better as a Big Budget TV Show - like 'Game of Thrones'?

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    Would MOTU Be Better as a Big Budget TV Show - like 'Game of Thrones'?

    I think MOTU would be best served as a slow-burn TV show. The budget needed in special effects would be huge but great acting talent could be less expensive - UK actors could be used.

    Maximum use would be made out of the sets while the story of Miro, Randor and Keldor then subsequent battles could be borne out.

    This could be a blend of 'Star Trek' and 'Game of thrones' - Sci-fi fantasy on a grand scale. All the story ideas would be done justice to.

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    Nope. See below for reasons.

    1) I can't imagine any network willing to spend the money to pull off decent special effects. Take "Once Upon A Time" as an example. It's a hit show on a network owned by Disney and it still has really bad cgi and green screen scenes.

    2) MotU is a toy franchise so it'll never be as "adult" as Game of Thrones. At the same time, the suits will want it to appeal to the teens and the twenty-somethings. So I'm guessing they'd want the show to focus on Adam's life moreso than He-Man. Which isn't a bad thing mind you, but a lot of the time this leads to sci-fi/adventure show being a not so cleverly disguised teen drama (think Smallville).
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    No, not me. I prefer cinema to television. Even though I am a self-confessed movie buff, I really don’t watch a whole lot of TV. I certainly don’t watch any ongoing series’. Apart from Doctor Who, of course. Nothing else, though.

    Also, only a big Hollywood studio would be able to pump enough money into a MOTU film to really give us, at least visually, the film MOTU fans have always wanted. A television show, even a relatively high budget one like Game of Thrones, wouldn't be able to give us things like Battle-Cat and Panthor, as well as all the other fantastical characters, vehicles and locales. Maybe with extremely bad CGI, but I wouldn't want that.
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    It can be both.

    A movie to create the story.
    A tv show, with nonesenial time frame to drag out the fun.
    and even..
    A movie to end the story, possibly even killing off major characters.

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    Personally I'd rather an animated TV show or movie than live action. Some things just translate better to animation.

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    Is Game of Thrones big budget? Or is it just cleverly made? Sometimes quality can create the illusion of a show having a larger budget than it actually does.

    They are probably not paying inflated salaries on their actors, and filming on location can save tons of money when you're not having to design/set up expensive set pieces.

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