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Thread: Frosta gift is free figure, no choice [Remember - No B/S/T Outside Marketplace]

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    I doubt it'll be a new figure. But hypothetically, if it was a new figure made from existing parts, I can think of a ton of figures I'd love to have just from the parts we already have:

    - Any Fuerza-T figure but especially Platino or Felinor
    - Leo Kahn or Leo Faker
    - Filmation colored Hordak
    - Classic toy style Mer-man

    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    Sorry about the reversed Frosta is a free King Hiss complete with reversed shoulders........that would be funny
    That would be ironic. But if his ankles were tight I’d be happy with another King Hiss. My Kobra Kahn has loose ankles and I could use King Hiss’ boots, with the Kahn feet of course, to enable my Kobra Kahn to stand up well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drewsky View Post
    I think we're going to get Strobo's.

    That would be great.
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