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When Mattel sold Frosta non sub, did they let people know that it was reversed? If not that's the only way I could see your side, but if you knew and still bought her that was your choice. Subs had no choice.

I'm actually OK with Frosta, I swapped the forearms, and I guess I am one of the few who like her as is, despite the fact she could be better, color wise, she is my favorite female in the line even as is, and I'm not even a POP fan.

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Wonder Bread is no longer in business, so what will we call her?
Bankruptcy-Ra! Baker Strike She-Ra!

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The are two reasons that there is any frustration about this announcement right now:

1) people are just assuming that the "basic figure" is going to be old stock. While that may be true, we don't know for sure.

2) Mattel should have been QUIET about details prior to this announcement. There were too many hints that this item might have been a "repaired item" or accessory.
The Buzz Off I got from the BF sale had been opened and resealed with transparent tape instead of the regular glossy kind....but all was good with the figure and package inside. I don't know if it was a return or what, but I know I have never gotten one with store bought Satiny Transparent tape on it before. But I know my Marlena was slightly damaged, the bubble had slight dents in it, as well as the mailer, but it was not from the shipping to me, the box was perfect, so it happened on Matty's side.