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Thread: Frosta gift is free figure, no choice [Remember - No B/S/T Outside Marketplace]

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    I was hoping for something like re-coloured weapons for PoP characters (Netossa's sword, Goddess' staff, etc.) but I understand this was a much more inexpensive thing for Mattel to do (and a good way to clear out some old stock!). I mean, producing new stuff would probably take away from the budget, which would mean fewer accessories for new characters, which I wouldn't want to happen.

    I'm really happy with getting a free mystery figure! It's pretty cool, actually. I think I might be the only one who thinks this, but it's actually kind of like the PoP promotion Mattel had in the 80's! (Buy a She-Ra figure and get a free "mystery doll").

    I hope my "mystery doll" is one of the following:

    - Temple of Darkness Sorceress (LONG shot!)
    - Sorceress
    - Bubble Power She-Ra
    - Frosta
    - The Mighty Spector
    - Fisto
    - Shadow Weaver
    - Leech

    ...if they have any extra Star Sisters, I'd love an extra. That would be amazing! I need more Tallstar pieces.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCB View Post
    I remember a similar outrage when the free accessory was announced for Power Con. Anytime free stuff is announced, people get angry.
    The people who DON'T get the free stuff get angry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninja man View Post
    If anyone isn't satisfied with their free figure, I'll be happy to pm you my address and even pay for shipping. I don't have a sub, so i won't be getting a freebie from frosta, but I'LL be happy to have yours.
    Yeah, me too please!
    I'd be happy to relieve anyone of the 'burden' of trying to unload it on eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flor2099 View Post
    A free figure for an error that I never in a million years would have noticed anyway? Thanks, Mattel!
    Don't thank Mattel. Thank all of us loudmouth, anally detail oriented orgers who get tired of imperfection happeneing on a bi-monthly basis..

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    IMHO, cool. I can always use another figure, even if it is one I already have. There are plenty of figures I'd be happy to have doubles the excitement is which figure! I'm looking forward to it. There are some figures I'd be apathetic about, but there are others I'd be really stoked to have!

    As a free gift goes, I'm happy with it. Even if it is just clearing their stock, kudos to Mattel for doing this as a nice gesture.

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    Design flaws aside.

    People are complaining about getting a free figure because they got a figure that might have been assembled wrong? No paying for shipping, and based on wording it could just be a figure? Also the issue is one that is fixable or for many not really that big of a deal. I could see MOC collectors having more of a problem.

    I understand Mattel doing something because it's a line built on the back of subscribers, but if this was a retail line and this happened the toy company would at best just offer you a fixed replacement.

    I could see the issue being many got their hopes up, or others with their speculations.

    I can also see like someone else said being upset when reports came in and some people got some hard to get stuff, and others just get another He-man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    - Temple of Darkness Sorceress (LONG shot!)
    See, this was my first thought. Perfect as it is not in any sub, so any sub-holder who missed out should be ecstatic. Might also explain the strange decision to move to November and the earlyish sellout. Wishful thinking,but it would be a masterful move IMO.

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    New Chardee Macdennis game piece I guess. I am cool with that.
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    Even a Battleground Teela (which I still have a bunch of) would be a welcome gift. I was pretty amazed when I read the email today. I figured we'd get a sticker sheet or fused keldor swords at most.

    Big ups to Matty this round.

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    And lets face it, this is not just a thank you for the Frosta problem, but a thank you for the whole 2012 year. This year has been a rollercoaster ride with ALOT of issues. A gesture like this can only help when it comes time to sign up for 2014.

    I have multiple subs and have zero need of any more extras. Mine will be headed to the local Interval House. The kids there have been through alot more than most of us ever will and I think it is the least I can do.

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    I am ..."whelmed."
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    I think a freer figure is better than a repainted accessory. Honestly, it could be ANY figure and maybe, just maybe, they will give away old sub figures to just get rid of them. I mean a sub exclusive to a sub holder shouldn't cause too much of a problem IMO.

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    I actually think a free figure is quite nice of an idea. I wasn't really expecting much to be fair, but it's better than a sticker sheet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JafariStew View Post
    I am ..."whelmed."
    Ambivalent aren't we? Just messin'!


    Anyway, I agree that it's kinda dumb to whine about a FREE FIGURE ($30 value) to make up for the fact a figure you already received was assembled incorrectly to a point that is was hardly noticeable. I bought Frosta the 3rd day of the DOS and when she arrived I did the part swap at the bicep and wrists (using HOT water from a workplace coffee maker). Mine looks fine now. I can't tell any difference or issue compared to a normal figure.

    As for the figures Matty sends to subscribers... I'll bet it will be the stuff that showed up on Monday (Buzz Off, Grizzlor, Stratos, etc) that were still available when the buzzer rang on Tues. That way they can get rid of old stock and make people happy.
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    Watch mine turn out to be King Hsss, Roboto or Snout Spout. :P Would be just my luck.

    Oh well, a free figure is pretty neat. Hope it's at least one with an extra head. I've got pretty much everything so far. They should totally send me a Wun-Dar. He's the only one I don't have.

    Yo, Scott! Send me Wun-Dar!
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    This is totally awesome news!! I was expecting a repaint of a She-Ra sword for Netossa or something along thos lines. An entire free figure is WAY cool and WAY more than I expected. Not that it is underserving for the minor problems faithful MOTUC's collectors have endured. Well done on Mattel's part for making things right!!!!

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    Hey Everyone.

    I have several thoughts on this.

    Yes, I do think that Mattel making any effort towards an apology, when they could have done nothing, is very nice. To me, it's not just Frosta's forearms they are making up for (which can be fixed). It's for the hair and the gray paint, too. It's a good figure that could have been, and should have been great. It's Stinkor's forearms, too. However, I would be honestly disappointed if it does turn out to be just leftover stock. I just think, after it was stated various options were being planned and discussed (possibly something for Frosta), that people assumed it was a redeco'd weapon or something unique - myself included. It's what the comments eluded to and no one, not even Scott said anything to the contrary. I have 2 of everything already. A leftover figure, even being free, serves me no good. I'd appreciate the gesture, sure. And I'll give it to someone else that might like it. But, I thought it would be something I'd want, as a collector and a fan.

    HOWEVER...I actually still think it maybe be something new...Let's look at this again...

    So, to make sure you know how much we value your business and as promised at Power Con in noting the issue with Frosta's gloves, we're sending you a FREE gift… a basic Masters of the UniverseŽ Classics figure will be included with your December subscription shipment! You won't know which one you're getting until it arrives and because it's our gift to you, shipping for this freebie figure is 100% paid by Mattel. While we originally thought this gift might not come until late next year, we wanted to end 2012 with a bang and make sure you get your free gift before the year is up!
    It never says that this basic figure is going to be leftover stock. Sure, it could, but it doesn't actually say so. It simply defines something as not being oversized, multi-pack, or a beast. Saying, "you won't know which one" could imply any number of characters that are leftover stock, or any character that could potentially be made (there are a lot!). It's pretty vague. They originally thought THIS gift might not come until late next year, which could refer to them originally planning to make something new, but deciding to give us free leftovers instead in order to make it in 2012. OR, it could be referring to something they had specifically put into producing that is unique and they managed to pump it out in record time. Ending the year with a, getting a free figure you already have might be ending with a "bang" for some, but I think getting something new and unpredicted is a better "bang", personally.

    In my dream of dreams, the free gift is....Crystal (Glass) Man-At-Arms. And here is why...

    When Ghostbusters tanked, the "gift" was a new GitD Slimer. That was and existing tooled figure, created with new plastics, and some paint deco. I honestly don't even know if GB fans received it yet. Regardless, this is what they were to receive. Now, MOTUC has WAY more subscribers than GB ever did. If they can sum up the funds to do that, then maybe...just maybe, they could do something similar for MOTUC. I would imagine it would take less time, because MOTUC generates more money than GB. So producing something new might equally take less time. In theory. Nothing needs to be sculpted, or tooled; MAA is already done. All that would be required is clear plastic and turning the machines on. There are no guessing games as far as numbers to produce, they already know (sub holders only). No paint deco is required, he's crystal clear. So, that would save production time. While that is in process, another person could have created the revised packaging artwork (basically changing the name and putting existing character images on the back, plus a bio) and sent that off for printing. And if they didn't want to make that, they probably could poly bag him. Another note, "Glass" Man-At-Arms is mentioned in Granamyr's bio, Granamyr comes out in December too. A "glass" variant of Man-At-Arms is not an essential figure, making it perfect as a "thank you" gift and complimentary to Granamyr for those intending to buy him, or serve as additional incentive to buy Granamyr for those still on the fence. They have been planning this gift since September, which was 3 months ago. I would imagine the majority of time spent producing a new figure goes into the sculpting, the engineering, and the painting. With "glass" MAA, all of that is either done or not required. Scott said the engineers were still messing around with Frosta back at SDCC and she came out 3 months later. So, in less than three months they got the final engineering designs done, the molds created, the plastic casted, the figures assembled, the paint applications done, the figures packaged, and then shipped to the US. Heck, "Glass" MAA needs even less attention than this. I think, if they really REALLY hustled, they could actually pull something like this off. Not only would it be cool, it would be unique and a great addition to anyone's collection (it would be as rare as Shadow Weaver!). AND, for those that wouldn't want it and decided to sell it, you'd make a lot of money on the secondary market (much more than you would for leftover stock) because it would be so rare.

    This could be just me dreaming, and it may just be leftover stock...but, something in my gut tells me otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HordeMonkey View Post
    Watch mine turn out to be King Hsss, Roboto or Snout Spout. :P Would be just my luck.

    Oh well, a free figure is pretty neat. Hope it's at least one with an extra head. I've got pretty much everything so far. They should totally send me a Wun-Dar. He's the only one I don't have.

    Yo, Scott! Send me Wun-Dar!
    Was going to say that it will be Hiss, Roboto or Snout Spout for everyone.
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    It's okay to get a free figure, you can sell it and make some money, but figures like Chief Carnivus or Faceless One would be not interesting for me..

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    Simply amazing......

    Mattel does not owe us anything really, yet they feel compelled to send us, free of charge and with NO shipping costs mind you, a random MOTUC figure and people have the gall to complain about it?!?!?

    Like many here, I was expecting a sticker-sheet, mini poster, or She-Ra style "hair-brush" weapon in custom colors, instead we are getting a FREE action figure.... that is awesome.

    Thank you Mattel, and Happy Holidays!
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    An entire free shipped figure, even a previous release that I'll already have, is still a pretty darn cool. If it had been a unique item, I was imagining a sword in a different color or something. That would have been nice, but this is a substantial freebie I think. And hopefully the double I get is a character that lends itself to being modified into something unique.

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    Is this gift per sub or per adres?
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    Most of us i bet are jazzed and supprized to get a free figure. i know im excited. i read it as a standard figure which o me suggests one of the figures from the always in stock selection which if true is also tops. im hoping for a king hiss or a he man. hordak would be cool. honestly there are more figs i would like than ones id sell. i own em all anyway but i got me some ideas.

    actually the figure i most want is mighty spector. horde prime custom that people re dng is just tops. at any rate i think we should set up trades if there is enough variety

    know ill be looking.

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    I don't think there's any way it will be a "new" figure as some are suggesting. That would basically equate to releasing a second sub-exclusive figure. Can you imagine the rage if that happened?

    It would probably almost equal the rage fest over getting a toy for free!
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    No way this will be a new figure like some are suggesting. It will just be a pot luck selection of what they have left in the warehouse.

    I'm pretty happy with the gift - the way I see it value wise its way more than I expected and I'm just going to sell it on for $10-$20 and use it as a discount on next year's sub or Grayskull.

    I'm a little surprised that some people are annoyed by this - really would you have preferred a re-coloured She-Ra sword???

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