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Thread: The Official - I Want Your "Free Gift" Figure Bread line

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    The Official - I Want Your "Free Gift" Figure Bread line

    It appears people don't want this free gift, so i'm just throwing this out there, if you don't want it i'll gladly pay shipping and your gas to the post office for it. I realize this request is laughable, but seeing as how you don't seem to want it, it can't hurt to ask. i'd add a little extra in too for your help and effort.

    Edit: These aren't for me to resell btw. they would be to fill collection holes and to use for custom. I wouldn't take a fig that I didn't really need either.

    I'm especially wanting sir laser lot. here is a list of what i'd be more than happy to take.

    sir laser lot
    kobra kahn
    king hssss
    green goddess

    A fellow Orger & former Mod has some words of wisdom:

    Here is just some food for thought.. putting a order or who was first vs who was last in response to a trade or sale will never happen. When it comes to selling or trading or buying most of the time a seller or trader will deal with orgers they have dealt with before, they have confidence in that person.

    IE.. We see that STprime is first but I've never dealt with him before but I have dealt with Replikor before so in this case I would trade/buy from him before STprime... I hope this makes sense.

    In other words don't be upset if someone deals with someone else above you in line is all.
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