View Poll Results: Worst Figure of the 30th Anniversary Subscription

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  • Fearless Photog

    22 10.33%
  • Draego Man

    4 1.88%
  • The Mighty Spector

    89 41.78%
  • Sir Laser-Lot

    35 16.43%
  • Cy-Chop

    53 24.88%
  • Castle Grayskull man

    10 4.69%
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Thread: Worst Figure of the 30th Anniversary Subscription

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    Mighty Spector = A Marvel Superhero like The X-Men's Bishop and Cable, with a look like The Phantom, & Spawn and a Spade symbol. Not a fan!

    As for all of you haters on Sir Laser-Lot you all need a slap with a brick. Sir Laser-Lot is 100% classic He-Man! He fits in to the original line perfectly, even better then some of the cruddy vintage figures like the spinning tops and the rockmen.... and lets not mention Meteorbs... Terrible things!

    End of the day if you don't like a space knight with a laser-morningstar and laser-sword, then you ain't a pal o' mine!

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    The Mighty Spector is by far the worse IMHO. I CAN although live with the lame lance alot.
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    Just curious...some of the complaints I have heard about Cy-Chop is that he is "anime inspired". Why would people say that? I don't see anything 'anime' about him. He just looks like a mish mash of random parts. That's why I don't care for the character.

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    It was a battle between Sir Laser Lot and Spector. But as the title thread lists Worst Figure, I'd have to give that dishonor to:

    Sir Loser Lot!

    He's the only figure I have ever traded as I don't want him anywhere near my collection. I couldn't even kitbash him to anything I would have liked so off he went away from my collection for a much more needed figure. Spector's only redeeming quality was that I was able to make my own UK Horde Prime out of him. I like all the other 30th anniversary figures as they are, Cy-Chop does have H.Prime's hands.

    If it was a worst created character overall kind of poll, then the Lame Spector would win hands down.
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    ToyGuru created 4 accounts to vote on Draego Man

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    Spector, then Laser-Lot

    I don't like Cy-Chop as is, but he looks pretty neat with hands or anything else but giant scissors.

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    The mighty spector and laser lot! LAser Lot if only would have been better sculpted the knight motuc concept should have been nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirsniffy View Post
    Just curious...some of the complaints I have heard about Cy-Chop is that he is "anime inspired". Why would people say that? I don't see anything 'anime' about him. He just looks like a mish mash of random parts. That's why I don't care for the character.
    Anime inspired, means it shows influence off one of most commonly and easily recognized features of all anime character designs.

    1)oversized eyes
    2)oversized weapons
    3)overlong legs
    4)hair that blows in the wind

    if it has all those it's anime or anime inspired if not from Japan.


    As far as worst

    Laser Lot fits in as well as Extendar
    Mighty Spector almost as well as Ninjor
    cychop doesn't compare to the other robots in the line of Roboto, Faker, Doombots or Doomseekers

    Cychop is worst aesthetically, Spector worst story wise largely because I don't like time travelers to be inserted into stories. As a note, I like Evil-lyn and then her son being sent to the future for the their stories but it's a one way ticket. I have far fewer problems with characters being sent to the future and staying there then people going back in time.
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    I needed a "Everyone but Fearless Photog" category. I ended up selling every figure but Photog, who I wanted for 30 years and then, like a sucker, subbed the 30th line to get him. None of the others are remotely compatible with MOTU with the partial exception of Grayskullman but that stupid hair destroys the figure. Grayskull creates a warrior embodiment of itself and gives it Hulk Hogan's hair? Uh huh, okay.

    Draego-Man is well-sculpted but out of place in MOTU. Looks like a McFarlane figure.
    Spector is badly designed with knockoff elements like the playing card logos. Looks like a 90's Liefield X-character.
    Lazerlot is boring and brings nothing new to MOTU. We have a much cooler knight already - Extendar. Looks like a bootleg dollar store toy.
    Cy-Chop doesn't fit with robots OR monsters in MOTU. Looks like the Micromen from the 70's. Giant hand scissors with no alternate hands is just stupid.
    Castle Grayskullman is an idea that makes you slap your forehead and wonder why you didn't think of it. Big congrats to the winner but the hair was an absolutle dealbreaker for me. Everything else about the figure is 100% Grayskull but then he has Terry Bradshaw's hair? WHY?!?!?!

    In the end, I voted Spector. He's the worst. I would rank them in this order -

    1. Fearless Photog - Goofy as heck but celebrates the 30th Anniversary by giving us a figure promised 30 years ago. Actually part of the line, not a vanity project add-on.

    2. Draego-Man - Well done all around except in that it is way too detailed and over-accessorized for MOTU.

    35. Cy-Chop - Different at least but not MOTU.

    51. CGM - Only one real problem but it is just so mind-numbingly ridiculous that it's hard to believe it lasted through all those design stages.

    99. LazerLot - Just a terrible bootleg.

    100. Spector - A bootleg of a bootleg of a bootleg.

    Yes, the skipped numbers are intentional.
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    I wasn't able to vote for more than 1. But TMS,Cy Chop & SLL were throw up awful.

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    I like every MOTUC figure in their own way but for me Laserlot is the one I enjoy least of the 30th anniversary figures. I fell in love with Cy-Chop as soon as I saw him.
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    Spector is the worst in my opinion.

    I don't even mind the character's story - just the look of him. The first time I saw him I thought maybe Marvel Comics was chosen to design a figure. He looks a lot like Deadpool. I also don't keep up with the bios and all the stories so I still don't even know why he has a spade on his costume. We have Bow with a heart so when are we going to see a club and diamond figure to complete the set?
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    Definitely Mighty Spector and Laserlot comes in second. I don't have neither and I can live without them.

    Fearless Photog came out in a contest back in the 80s and I felt obligated to get him since he was meant to a part of the vintage line.

    Draego-Man and Cy-Chop looked really cool. Castle Grayskullman looked as if he could fit in MOTU.

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