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  • Fearless Photog

    22 10.33%
  • Draego Man

    4 1.88%
  • The Mighty Spector

    89 41.78%
  • Sir Laser-Lot

    35 16.43%
  • Cy-Chop

    53 24.88%
  • Castle Grayskull man

    10 4.69%
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Thread: Worst Figure of the 30th Anniversary Subscription

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    I kind of like all of them......

    But for this poll I chose Cy-Chop because I think he was probably the weakest entry in the line. (Especially after seeing the runner-up designs...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Staff Of Ka View Post
    I dont have any issues with the TMS figure (well aside from that stupid darn Spade.)....

    ...but I have HUGE issues with a time travelling character who was basically designed to 'police' the time lines and alter them accordingly.....Seriously that can of worms has NO place in MOTU.
    I feel that way too, besides, I thought that is what Zodac was for, without the time travelling aspect, he fixes the situations in the here and now....I mean hello, even in Star Trek and damn I guess even with the Hover Board, Scott knows nothing of Back to the Future, you can't change the past baby....SLL vanished in the past, I mean he just poof...gone, Spector! HEY!, And SLL had or has no place in the present time line of MOTU....none, so how is that not a major change?

    I mean even Bill & Ted returned the Historical figures where they belonged after their oral report was done. But with SLL either that tells you he was too lame to be missed in the past, or everyone was like, "finally that ******* is gone, let's party!"
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    Spector . He looks like a custom someone put together, and he doesn't quite fit into the He-Man universe looks and bio-wise.
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    Purple Deadpool by a mile.

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    for me Cy-chop was the worst.....easiest pass by far! I loved Draego, SLL, and CGM though!

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    I would have to say Mighty Spector based just on the idea that he doesn't fit in with the line. SLL a close second. Cy-chop could fit into the line if the execution of the design was better ,but he gets a nod based on the concept of the figure.

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    Fearless Photog.

    Easily the dumbest design in the entire franchise. I know if he had been a brand new character created specifically for the 30th anniversary sub, he'd be the most hated figure in the line.

    It was a stupid design then, and it's a stupid design now.

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    Fearless Photog by far. I never understood why anyone liked his design other than it appeared once in a comic years ago. He looks terrible. Second worse for me is Cy-chop, though if he had normal size hands or just smaller blades he would look fine. Nothing special but fine. I hate over sized weapons so that pushes him over the edge to bad territory for me. How does he pilot a vehicle, fire a gun etc? Useless unless you need the hedge cut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTU_Maniac View Post
    I guess I will have to go with Sir Laser-Lot simply because I don't like the colors. They just seem dull to me. I like the idea of the figure, but the color scheme could have been executed better IMO.
    I'm agreeing with this man. SLL just looks so dull and generic.
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    I had to go with Cy-Chop.

    1. Due to the size of his "hands" he's tough to display.
    2. There really is no "cohesiveness" with the character.
    3. Although I normally hate it...his head should've been vac-metal.
    4. Most of the Horde figures have a drab look...and he is very bright.

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    voted grayskull man. i really like the figure and his idea. its just so uninspired and far to derivitave. again i like him but that that design won when really the design was pre existing.... i just find all the rest exciting new figures. grayskullman is sorta clever but really unneccesary
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    I voted CGM.

    Now, I really quite like all if them and feet singly don't understand the animosity some have incurred, but CGM gets my vote just because of his overall usefulness in the MOTUC story. He's a Deus ex machina more than even TMS; that's not a bad thing in my opinion, mind you. I like that he's like the army of ghosts in LOTR:ROTK. But with such cool characters with more opportunity for further adventures as an angsty dragon-man, a time cop, a displaced knight, a scientist trapped in his creation, and a Frankenstein-esque bounty hunter with a vendetta against a fan-favorite character, a one-time spell used to tidy up a battle(ground) leaves me with my answer.

    (That said, how cool would it be if CGM failed to dissipate or return to the vault after his use and He-Man and She-Ra had to track him down and they had to destroy him...?)
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    I like all of the 30th figures except the one I voted worst. That said, I've ordered the 30th figures from worst to best with my reasoning behind each:

    LASER-LOT. Didn't even have to think about that one. People complain about Specor being a boring design that doesn't fit in MOTU, but I dare anyone to show me a more boring design than LASER-LOT (Son of He-Man era Man-E-Faces doesn't count).

    CY-CHOP is an interesting character. I love the idea for this character, and I like a lot of the elements in the figure, but there are a few things that throw it off for me. The blue furry body with a reworked Roboto chest is a great combination; I love it! The head is where it starts to lose me. From the sculpt, it looks like an organic head wearing a helmet, which is fine, except the head is supposed to be completely robotic (which is why it's all silver). I would've preferred a more angular, robotic-looking face or the current face painted blue to look organic. Then we come to the hands. The hands! Comically oversized scissors for a hand? Great! Fits MOTU brilliantly. Comically oversized scissors for both hands? Sorry, I can't suspend my disbelief that far. I mean, at least Fisto has one normal hand to pull on his furry undies and stuff. How does CY-CHOP open a door? Or drink a beer? Come on! If his scissors were a bit smaller, I might be able to accept it, but at that size, they're just too unwieldy to not have one normal hand!

    SPECTOR is a very simple design, but he does incorporate elements we've never seen in MOTU: full superhero-style spandex mask, smaller tech-based accessories, etc. I think a 200X version would've blown people away, but most fans find his design boring. The only thing that really bugs me is that spade (a slightly altered one might work better) and the silly title, "The Mighty." Ugh.

    PHOTOG is also a very plain design with a silly title, "The Fearless." Ugh! But the Horsemen did a great job on his wacky camera head and new weapon. Once again, I think a 200X version would be way cooler (go figure), but even as is, he's a fun little weirdo to have on your shelf. I have a hard time ranking him above or below SPECTOR, because their flaws are nearly identical, so I put them in a tie for the middle.

    CASTLE GRAYSKULLMAN is a nearly flawless figure. I'd have loved to see him in the 200X era when he would've had a totally unique sculpt with 'rocky' legs and all. Best accessories for any figure ever! My only nitpick is the slightly cumbersome name. I like how straightforward it is, but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

    DRAEGO-MAN again is nearly flawless. Now that we've got his extra weapons, I love him even more! He is my favorite of the 30th line, but again, I'm not too keen on the name. It's not too bad, but I feel like it's almost trying too hard to be MOTU by throwing 'man' at the end of it. It's still better than Demo-Man, but I prefer to call my red dragon dude DRAEGOR.
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    TMS, he's not motu

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    I feel Sir Lasor Lot is the least in favor for me.
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    Tied between TMS and SLL. I'm surprised CC has a lot of votes. Maybe that's cuz he doesn't have a comic where he's the main character like SLL does...
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    Gotta vote Cy-Chop on this one. I don't get this figure at all, I don't think any single body part makes sense with any other body part, and the giant scissor hands are beyond ridiculous. Sorry, I know some disagree and I respect that, but I'd rather take a dozen bland Lazer-Lots or Spectors than a Cy-Chop.

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    cy chop is aweful...enough said. no other figure makes me gag when I look at them. Sir LL is dull....but not as bad

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    The Mighty Spector. He probably would have worked better as a DC Universe figure, but he just doesn't fit the MOTU world.

    * He looks more like a villain than a hero (none of the other human Heroic Warriors wear masks that completely conceal their faces).
    * His time travel abilities make him far too important, and now he even has his own faction symbol!.
    * His storyline doesn't make sense to me. I dont think He-Man is the type of character who'd create a group dedicated to travelling in time.
    * The spade symbol looks out of place.
    * The name doesn't fit the character.
    * I dislike the colour scheme, and the outfit looks too much like something a comicbook villain would wear.
    * I don't like that his wrist gizmo is both a Green Lantern-esque weapon AND a time travel computer. Too much crammed into one device for my taste.
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    TMS, by far. Everything about him is awful, but his whole bio and purpose is preposterous. He-Man would NEVER change the past to suit his needs. I like all the other figs. SLL could have had a better color scheme, but he's got a nice design. Draego Man is the best, followed by CGM, Photog, Cy-Chop, and SLL.
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    WORST FIGURE: Sir Laser Lot: This character just sucks. First of all the paint combination is just poor. I love red and blue but there's something about the way they did this that just sucks. The weapons don't feel MOTU to me and I just can't do anything with this figure. It's just horrible. There's absolutely nothing I like about it. He doesn't look right next to He-man and if I were He-man I'd run my sword through him and be done with him. He could maybe be customized and used as a prototype for some kind of robot knight trooper pack but that's just too much work. He sucks!

    SECOND WORST Cy-Chop: This was a tough one because Cy-Chop has some serious competition. This figure looks like a cross between Roboto, Beastman, Edward Scissor Hands and an Electric utility station. I look at Cy-Chop's head and I keep expecting a bolt of lightening to flash between the horn posts on his head. the Roboto torso just doesn't work with this figure and to screw it up even more he has beastman's legs. This guy took more damage than Anakin Skywalker and this is the best they could put him together. And then there's the scissor hands. Those are so obnoxious and in the way! If I were He-man I'd pull my sword on him, cut those off and change his name to Knub-Stub. This figure is worth losing!

    THIRD WORST The Mighty Spector: First of all the name. What? When I think Spector I think Ghost. When I look at him I think I'd like to paint him black and start a custom GI JOE snake eyes figure. I don't like the whole time travel thing in MOTU because as someone else said that's a whole "can of worms" that we don't need opened. Besides, Zodac is the cosmic enforcer and I'm a billion times more partial to Zodac than TMS. This figure doesn't feel like a MOTU figure to me. The armor with the Spade on it is another reason. He feels like he's more of a DC character to me. I would expect Superman to be fighting him way before I would expect him in MOTU/C. I'm not even going to get into how self indulgent this character is.


    BEST FIGURE / FIRST PLACE Castle Grayskullman: I had to go with CGM for several reasons. First of all this character is an original take on an iconic piece of MOTU history and it to me feels most MOTU because of that. The swords are nothing spectacular but they're Castle Grayskull as is the chest armor. For me the first place figure is about what connects me to MOTU the best and that was a tough decision between CGM and my number 2 guy on my list. Secondly, this is a new character that I would recognize as MOTU even if I didn't know he was. If I were to place all six of these figures up next to each other CGM is the only one I could say, yes he makes me think of MOTU. I think he's a wonderfully original figure tied directly to the biggest prize in all of Eternia and because of that he edges out ever so slightly my number 2 pick.

    SECOND PLACE Draego-Man: And this is only by a hair if that. I love Draego Man and I love his sculpt. He is by far the most intense looking figure. I love how big he is and how he just looks like a nasty opponent. The colors, the sculpt, the wings and all the accessories really make him an amazing figure and in my book he's so good that tomorrow I may just decide he's better than CGM. While the dragon theme was and is an excellent place for the 4H to have gone, it was still inside the box compared to CGM. If they had created a Snake Mountain Man then I would have been in real trouble...Draego Man is a master piece but if I were to stand him up by himself I wouldn't necessaritly think "MOTU figure" right away. I could see it as an inspiration from the cartoon but I would have had to think a little harder about it than I would have for CGM. Easily number 1 if CGM wasn't so connected to iconic Castle Grayskull.

    THIRD PLACE Fearless Photog: I give FP the third place spot because I can at least remember the figure from the contest back in the day. I think the concept is a little dumb but the character has roots in my memory just from the past and that's good enough for me. If I were to play with these figures I'd probably get another head to put on FP and use the camara as a helmet or something. Easlily he weighs out better than SLL, TMS and CC.
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    i had to vote for draego-man ... im sorry but i just don't get the popularity of this figure ... for me, he's just a generic dragon-man and looks a bit like something out of dungeons and dragons, which really isn't my thing ...

    but the only figure i bought from the 30th anniversary sub-line was fearless photog, im not a fan of any of the rest really - so what do i know ...
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    I went with Mighty Spector. He just doesn't look like he belongs. Cy-Chop is a close second. He looks like a kit-bash.

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    I voted for Sir Laser-Lot because he's plain boring. Cy-Chop survived the vote because, if you ignore the stupid hands (difficult, I know), he had some imaginative touches. Spector is ok in my view. I think he's getting the votes largely because he's seen as a vanity project, rightly or wrongly.
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