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    Question for MOC collectors

    Hello peeps, I've started a MOC MOTUC collection and was wondering what you guys prefer and why: zoloworld cases or the arcylic cases.
    Aside from pricing what are the pros and cons? or does it even matter? thanks for your help.

    ps, I don't intend on selling my collection just wanna preserve it.

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    I prefer the zoloworld cases, they are more cheap, you can hang the figure on the wall and they aren't visually so generic.
    The acrylic cases are more sturdy and safe, but I still prefer the ZW cases.
    I hope they'll made a case big enuff for Ram-Man!
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    Zoloworld cases. Besides the price, I'd probably be less afraid of them tipping over on my shelves in the Zoloworld cases.

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    Whichever makes more sense for you. I use acrylic cases and have larger displays for my figures. I can't stand hanging figures on the wall, otherwise ZW cases work quite fine as well.

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    I used the Zoloworld cases for all of mine when they were MOSC, and I still use them for the few I still have MOSC, and they also works great if you want to open the figures, and let the package hinge at the top or bottom. The case makes up for the bubble being cut, and still gives the appearance of MOSC....

    I don't see the need for the acrylic cases at all unless you have a huge room to display them in, now things already boxed like Transformers....maybe, but carded Plus the ZW cases are like $5 a piece, much much cheaper than the acrylic.
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    To me both are great options. I know right now I use Zoloword on account of the volume of my figures. However in other occasions I'll go Acrylic (I had my Shadow Weaver graded FYI AFA 90!!! Whoo hoo!!)
    So for exclusives and other exceptions like that I'd do acrylic. Whichever your preference and however much money and real estate you have to spare are factors as well.

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