We'll do the "Best of" and "Worst of" polls for certain (and this year I'll make sure I leave out December 2012 for people who don't get their items in time to review, and bring in December 2011 instead since that was an issue with last year's poll)

But, what other hot topics would you like us to poll? Anything related to the toy line (including individual releases, Digital River, quality control, etc), movie rumors, licensed products, key characters, etc.

Please post your suggestions here. We'll pick the top suggestions and do polls on the main page. And please do your best to focus on topics discussed by fandom as a whole, not individual issues relative to your own unique interests or experiences. Definitely no poll suggestions based on personal grievances or that are meant to insult or attack. I shouldn't have to say this but there's always someone!

Also, if someone before you suggests a poll idea you like, please be sure to say you like that idea. The more people speak up for a poll suggestion, the more likely we are to explore it further if we hadn't already planned on it.