Okay, so I'm fairly new at customizing, but I had this idea rolling around in my head and I just had to try to make it. In my collection are a few vintage bootlegs, the Galaxy Warrior and Galaxy Fighter lines being my favorite knock offs. Anyway, on the back of the Galaxy Fighters box is a picture of their playset. I was always drawn to it, as it was simultaneously a Grayskull and Snakemountain knock. I've searched eveywhere, but I've never actually managed to find any existing examples of the playset, so I wonder if it was ever made. This is what it looks like (it's at the bottom).


Since I can't find one, I thought I'd make one. First I did a few studies to figure out what I was going to do. I decided it would be more fun to "interpret" the picture a little bit artistically, rather then 100 percent literal take. Here are my studies, of what I call the north entrance and the south entrance.

South entrance 1.jpg South entrance 2.jpg South Entrance 3.jpg
North entrance 1.jpg