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Thread: What will you do with your old Castle Grayskulls once you get the new one ?

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    I never rebought the original one, so I don't have this quandry. The only problem I'm having is where will I put this one?!

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    Nothing....the vintage CG will always have a home. My kids just enjoy playing with CG way too much.

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    either trade it off or just store it

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    My vintage one is currently in my hobby room with my vintage toys, so I imagine that is where it will stay. My 200x Grayskull is currently with my MOTUC display in my study, but once the Classics Grayskull comes in my 200x will move into the hobby room with my 200x figures.
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    I never had the original... and when I'll receive the MOTUC version I think I'll faint...
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    I have two Comic Con display cases, each with both Grayskull's on top, when the 3rd arrives, I will have to leave it in the box until I get a new home which will have a toy room like Pixal Dan's basement, or bigger My two large display cases is not large enough for Grayskull, and the top of the cases are to high for Grayskull to fit atop with hitting the ceiling. I have no where for it, and I still have to figure out where Procrustus is going to fit.

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    I am planning to continue making a stop-motion 'Pirates of Penzance' movie, that requires alot of vintage toys.
    GreySkull is the home of the Major General, (played by He-Man, in a mixture of GI Joe uniforms and grey hair painted over his blonde hair)

    Eventualy when I get to that scene, the pirates will invade the castle.

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    My Castle Grayskulls are in my MOTU room back at my parents' house. They will stay there. I'm more worried about where I will put the new one.

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    I will keep everything. The New CG will go on top of the Ikea cases with the rest of the MOTUC figures in the living room!
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    The 200X one was a present from my wife back when I could call her my girlfriend, so it has sentimental value (I mean, she rarely knows what to get me when it comes to toys, so it was a BIG surprise back then). That one stays!

    The vintage one also stays, because that has been with me since childhood, and save for the Ghostbuster house that I got in a garage sale, the vintage Castle was pretty much my only playset. It's WAY too nostalgic to get rid of, even if everything inside is almost falling apart and it can really only look good closed up and sitting there.

    ALSO...I can't tell from the designs (I'm sure if I just looked at the dimensions and then measured the vintage Castle then I'd know) but it MAY be possible to fit the vintage Castle inside the new one...which presents the opportunity for a joke...
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    I have the 200x version in the display at the moment. I'd say it will go into storage once the 2013 version arrives. I never did buy a vintage castle.

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    I will finally encase it in a plexiglass case and give it a permanent place in my Toy Hall of Fame.
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    I sold my 200X version as soon as we got confirmation that the Classics Grayskull was a go. I'm surprised that I got more for it on ebay than it cost me originally. It was loose, but complete with the box and in very good condition.

    My vintage Grayskull is not in the best shape but I think I may hold onto it for my son. He might play with it when he gets into action figures in a few years. Once he's done with it I will probably give it away though.

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    the 200x one will stay in a box somewhere until I get my own room, and the 80's will go back on my dresser. I've had it since I was 6, I'm not getting rid of it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FakeEyes22 View Post
    Straight in the trash.
    Can I be the trash?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fright Zone View Post
    I plan on aggressively hurling mine into oncoming traffic.
    Wouldn't mind "intercepting" this one if I can't be the trash for the above one.

    I had the vintage CG as a kid and gave it to my cousin once my Mom said I "outgrew it". I've been meaning to get a replacement ever since. The 200x one looks cool enough that I'd snag it if I found a good deal. But vintage is too cool to pass up. I'd even take a "fixer-upper" too!

    I did pre-order the MOTUC CG in Nov. I need to be sure it will process next Dec. Shouldn't be too hard to raise the funds if I am smart about it and start early.
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    My vintage castle used to come out at Christmas to set up a holiday display, but I haven't done that in a few years, so its in the closet. The 2002 castle is in the middle of my main 2002 display, so there's no reason to change that. I may wind up changing display locations when the new one comes, but I almost never put away MOTU stuff.
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    Keep them with their respective collections. I would never get rid of them. They'll stay with their respective collections.
    Hey Super7 I'm looking forward to what you do for Classics and I'm awaiting these figures!

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    bought the 200x castle to go along with my classics, so once the actual classics castle comes i might use it as my preternia castle to go along with king grayskull
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