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Thread: Will trade MOC Shadow Weaver for Granamyr (I'm aware this is a long shot)

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    Will trade MOC Shadow Weaver for Granamyr (I'm aware this is a long shot)

    I know it's a long shot but I might as well toss out my line and see if I get a bite.

    I want Granamyr but due to recent issues I cannot afford to spend the $$ to get him, or anyone really, I have to rely solely on trades for the time being to acquire my wants.

    I had 2 2012 subs so I still have an extra Shadow Weaver mint in the box. Since the going price for this figure is around the sale price for Granamyr I'm throwing the offer out there: MOC Shadow Weaver for Granamyr. (Granamyr can be loose I'm just going to open him anyway)
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    Why is it a long shot? Cheapest Shadow Weaver in e bay is $128, and Granamyr is 80 +tax +shipping.

    Shadow Weaver might even cost more, but Granamyr is a better figure. I am thinking of letting go of my MOC SW as well. Best luck to you, Lord_of_Destruction!

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    We have a deal
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