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Thread: Since it's not part of the subscription, anyone passing on Granamyr?

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    I'm actually considering passing, like mentioned he will be likely be $92 - $95 with shipping, and I can use that money to buy a few more basic figures from BBTS on clearance to flesh out my collection, and put me over the "I own over half the MOTUC figures produced" which I am only 2 figures away from....and mind you, I only bought what I liked or had as a kid....and I still almost own half of the figures. It's bad enough I have a $100 plus shipping month to look forward to next year when the Foe Men come. Not looking forward to that month, but hopefully nothing gets screwed up, and it's the only one.

    But we'll see about Granny come another week, and I see if I can resist the impulse to buy....having a huge fat red Dragon sitting on a stand in my collection room would look awesome. And I did make an effort to prepare a spot for him....we'll see. He may be the biggest thing I can get from MOTUC, so I likely will get him, because it's not looking good for Castle Grayskull as far as fincances, I may try to put back some from taxes, but that's not until even though it's well more....BBTS may be my only shot...IF, I can do it, at least I can Pre-Order it, and cancel at any time, unlike Matty. And once PO's on Matty close....I predict the Castle could go for well over what BBTS is asking....$250 would be awesome if I knew now I'd have the cash in a year, but I may not, and not being able to cancel....will suck. Besides if I PO from BBTS, I can cancel if I have the dough, and see that Matty may have some DOS stock even at a higher price it will be cheaper than BBTS, so I have options at least.

    But if no CG, at least I can have a very close to 2' standing, likely 16" sitting big red Dragon in my MOTUC collection. Even though I know in like 3 or 4 months time BBTS will likely clearance any stock they get of him....but whatever.
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