always loved the kobra khan variant "camo khan", but was iffy about his golden claws,
so i tried to merge this variant with a fan created character: copperhead. well, at least
in his first concept...never understood exactly how and when he evolved from a kobra
khan with trap jaw's armor and appendage to a bulky armored turtle.

(here's copperhead 1.0 by danbrenus)

btw, here's my camo "kaizer".

his real name's kaizer of clan kobra and he's kobra khan's younger brother. his paralyzing mist is less powerful than khan's, but he can
disappear in the environment due to his camouflage powers and get close to his victims enough to make his mist more effective.
i like to think that his left hand was cut off by sea-shell, a great fan created character with the ability to disappear, but i don't know how to ask
his creator, buffalo bill man, permession to mention this character, since he's no longer on the forum for what i can recall.

still iffy 'bout giving him snake men's mace or clawful' mace from the wpak3 (as a nod to the original camo khan).

hope you like him.