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Thread: looking 2 BUY a loose vintage Heman [accessories not needed]

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    looking 2 BUY a loose vintage Heman [accessories not needed]

    I am looking to buy a loose vintage MOUT HeMan.

    I only ask that the figure isnt stained or damaged [hair/boot/loincloth paint rubbing wont matter as it will be repainted & restored]. I would like to find one with the head and all 4 limbs be in good physical condition an the figure still "at least moderately" stands well.

    I do not need any accessories at all.

    Please contact me here via a PM if you have one for sale, with what your asking for the item shipped [with a tracking number].

    [Positive feedback Sellers Only Please "ebay feedback accepted"]

    [Please include pics if possible in your reply]

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    I have doubles and tris of most figures.

    What do u need?

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