Hi Everyone,

We already have Chief Carnivus, but would anyone else like the other Eternian Council members?

Lord Dactys of the Speleans
the Kulatak Elder of the Kulataks
Queen Andreeno of the Andreenids (with Stingrad)
King Taurius of the Mintaurans
Hawk, representing the Avions (sister of Stratos)
and some other unnamed council members.

While Hawk (or preferably the Delora version from Filmation) and Lord Dactys could probably sell as single figures, these other characters might be better sold as part of a non-sub multi-pack, perhaps as a convention exclusive. A 3-pack with Queen Andreeno, King Taurius, and the Kulatak Elder might be nice, as an example.

I am not sure who the griffin knight guy is, or those guys wearing green in the far right, but they would be neat too. (Anyone know who they are?)

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