So whenever I sell something online, I have no problems shipping overseas if the person is willing to pay the shipping costs. However, I've recently run into a trilogy of problems, and now, I am not so sure I want to sell overseas anymore.

In the last two months, I have had three international buyers win items and not receive them. I sold some Robotech items to a guy in Australia that I shipped out on Oct 12th, and he won them for $62. I sold several Zoloworld cases to a guy in Greece, shipped them out on Nov 10th, which he paid $50 for them before shipping. Then I had a guy win some Simpsons figures I shipped out to Brazil on Nov 29th, which he won for $40. All three have not received their items and I am not sure what to do.

Do you think it is okay to only refund them half of what they paid? For example, the Robotech dude paid $62, should I refund him $31 since I am also out on the figures? Or is it "inconsiderate" of me to not refund him the full amount despite I to have taken a loss?