For those who have purchased houses may I ask how the house hunting process went for you?

Currently I am looking at a general area, but I'm finding that what I can afford needs a lot of work

This is what I am finding:

Old country houses, which you know are drafty n cold.

Or old city homes which have no land.

There doesnt seem to be anything in the middle. I want a little wiggle room and a warmer house. will say that i tend to lean towards the older style homes, victorian, craftsmen etc. etc.

I want 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. Sometimes I think I am asking for the moon.

Has anyone else had these issues? What did you do? I know this isn't the perfect time to hut for houses, but I'm starting to become frustrated. I make decent money and I would like a decent house. Not a mansion, but something decent.