As a MOC collector, I love the way all the MOTUC (and vintage stuff) look in my hobby room, with the packaging adding to that toy store feel.

That said, MOTUC has made some terrific figures that I always wished had been packaged in the standard, monthly blister card. For example, I would actually spend money to buy these figures with ZERO new parts, just put in standard MOTUC packaging...

Prince Adam
Queen Marlena
Kronis (though I do have a nice custom on the way in the mail!)
Stratos from the TRU 2-packs
BA Faker
MerMan with cardback head
Whiplash/Stinkor/Fisto with 200X heads

Any other MOC collectors wish some guys were available like this? I know it's silly to want to buy the same figures just rearranged in the package but I'd do it regardless. :P