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Thread: For Sale: Sectaurs Skito figure sealed in baggie with comics - uber rare!

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    For Sale: Sectaurs Skito figure sealed in baggie with comics - uber rare!

    No clue where this originated but it is a cool piece. Probably came from a dollar store back in the 80's. Sealed baggie includes Skito figure without accessories and a bunch of the Secataurs minicomics. The comics are stapled on the cardboard insert. See pictures for details and PM me with interest. Shipping to the US only at this time.

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    Holy Crap! I remember this! Quick story time. About 15 years ago a drug store went belly up in my grandpa's area. They were having a liquidation sale and selling big boxes of stuff to the public. We bought around 10 boxes filled with greeting cards, tools and other things. One box had nothing but toys in it. I remember getting a box full of these. Comics attached to a piece of cardboard in this packaging with a figure. The weird thing is that I had a bunch of Sectaurs and Rambo figures. And that in some, you got the Sectaurs comics with a Rambo figure. Weird. But I remember being upset that none of the bagged figures had any weapons. I will have to go through some storage boxes to see if I saved any. But yeah great find. My guess is that Coleco's inventory got bought up and a third party company was trying to figure out some way to repack the figures.

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