Hello Everyone

I am looking to sell my collection of 7 MOTU and POP animation production cels. The cels that are included in the collection set are:

-Dragoon (Head Shot)
-Dragoon (Frontal body shot holding Dree Elle)
-Teela and 2 Belots
-Trapjaw and Evil-Lyn

6 of the cels come with a printed copy of background artwork, the only cel that doesn't include a background print is the He-man cel. The cels are stuck to the printed background artwork. I haven't tried to remove any of the cels.

Please take a close look at the photos.

I am asking for $140.00 USD for the set of 7 cels. Shipping will be extra.

Here is a link to my EBay account so you can view my customer feedback:


Also please visit the link below to see pictures of the 7 cels in the set.


Please email me directly if you are interested in purchasing the item. You can reach me through my He-man.org account or at my email account which is chrisjohnson76@yahoo.com. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

As for payment method, I only accept Paypal.

Thank you very much for taking the time to view my posting.