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    Extra Figures

    So I'm gonna be inheriting some new figures and as a result I'm gonna be selling off some of mine. I don't have any prices in mind yet, but I'll be willing to discuss that with you. As far as trades, I'll have to make up a list of what MOTU figures/weapons I need, but I'm also collecting Battle Beasts, Silverhawks, Thundercats, and Marvel Super Heroes (the 1990 - 1992 Toy Biz variety) and would gladly trade for some of those that I need. Without further adieu, here's what I'm gonna have up for sale/trade:

    As you can see, the list is as follows:

    Blade (complete with no swords, his face has a few paint blemishes, but overall he looks great)
    Grizzlor (complete without crossbow)
    Spikor (complete without mace)
    King Randor (with crown, but his face has a couple blemishes on it)
    King Randor (with no accessories but a better looking face)
    Clamp Champ (complete without clamp, but the paint on this figure is absolutely perfect)
    Clamp Champ (decent figure that always had wobbly legs, and now the legs gave out on him when I pulled him out of the storage box)
    Stinkor (good looking figure that's in the same condition as the previously-described Clamp Champ)
    Clawful (same as the last two; these three were all from my childhood collection that were favorites of mine so they were all generously loved, which probably led to the wobbly legs, heh)
    Mo-Larr (complete with all accessories and card back/bio. I bought this figure to get a feel for what the MOTUC figures were like, and I realized that I didn't like the look or size of them)
    Panthor saddle
    Screech/Zoar perch x3
    Screech/Zoar helmet x3
    Tri-Klops head
    Tri-Klops armor
    Hordak armor
    Webstor armor (without grappling hook stuff)
    Clawful armor (rear only)
    NA He-Man armor, helmet, shield, and sword (with some chew marks at the end of it)
    Trap Jaw belt
    Stridor tail x2
    Stridor gun
    Roton gun x2 (at least I think that's what these are)
    Rokkon gun (broken, because it's missing the shiny shield part)
    Two Bad shield
    Zodak/Kobra Khan gun
    Man-At-Arms arm shield
    Modulok pieces (legs, gun, head, etc.)
    Skeletor snake staff
    A few other random pieces that I can't identify

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    Bump to the top! Add i said, I'd sell them outright or trade for Battle Beasts, Silverhawks, Thundercats, or Marvel Super Heroes made by Toy Biz.

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    PM incoming

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    pm you thanks

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    I'm interested in these of yours in trade if you still have them.
    Top pic.
    Clamp Champ
    New Adv.of He-Man accessories
    Modulok weapons
    Please pm me what T-Cats and Marvel Super Heroes figures your looking for.
    Your friendly neighborhood org member!

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    All PMs have been replied to now. I apologize if I don't respond quickly, but I don't have internet at my house.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Bump to the top again!


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    The best offer takes any of this stuff because it has to go.

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