NECA really outdid themselves with the P2 City Hunter, but I couldn't help myself from doing a full repaint from head to toe. I had a lot of fun building up the metallics and applying assorted patinas. Used epoxy to soften the texture on the mask, wanting it to look more like hammered metal than pitting.

I sculpted the arm for the cannon so that it matched the look of the armor plating, the original seemed very out of place and flat. Spear completely repainted and matched the display marking to the 1/1 scale replica.

Skull w/spine is from the 1/4 scale Gort figure, the coloring is designed to make it look like a older skull from his collection. The bones being completely covered in blood doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

The netting was replaced by offering my first-born to Mhalluthu, Lord over the Plains of Despair. On the negative side, shipping takes weeks. This is easily my favorite netting thus far, and like the NECA stuff it comes in a tube so there are no ugly seams. I've replaced the netting on my P1 with the new stuff as well.

All of the strings have been replaced with real leather straps, and I cut small holes in the groin armor (ouch) for the second set of straps. The exposed parts of the plastic hip ball joints are also covered with leather.

Base is from McFarlane AVP 1/6 scale figure, it has long metal pegs that fit perfectly. I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, these were taken with two desk lamps and a beach towel.