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    MOTUC Dragstor (Custom)

    This has been a WIP for months now, as I figured out what to use and how to execute.
    First I had a Hordak buck leftover from my Filmation Hordak, since I used an extra MAA
    buck for that. I thought, who could I possibly do, that my limited re-sculpting knowledge
    could do, most customs I have done were mainly repaints and minor modding, hardly
    any re-sculpting (The success with my Filmation Hordak gave me the confidence to
    attempt Dragstor). I looked for like a week and finally decided to make Dragstor, he is
    one from my childhood collection that is still missing in MOTUC, and one of my favorites.

    So, I started by taking the Hordak buck apart and sculpting vents into the thighs, then I
    started taking Kobra Khan shins and reworking them, and the furry boot feet as well.
    Then was the task how to do the armor / body design, and removing the ab crunch and
    waist articulation. That wasn't hard since I have done many mods and worked with plastic
    strips. The wheel is from a model car....yes, they do have BF Goodrich tires on Eternia...
    The import them from Earth.

    I shaved the lettering from the tire, and glued it in. Then once the body was done, I got a
    Kronis head and started on the hardest wonder they say heads cost the most to

    The Pack is an extra heavily modified TP He-Man pack, screwed into place so it can be taken
    off, and simulating the chest hoses are from a 6" Peter Venkman, thanks to my sons GB
    breaking from first movement out of the package, so I cut it off, thought, hey....and there it is.
    It attaches to his chest, and his pack for added effect.

    The headers are made from plastic model tree, and the thruster / exhaust tips are wire nuts,
    drilled out for added detail. The thrusters are made from MP Skywarp Null Rays.

    I wanted a predominately Vintage feel, with a few modern type touches, as the pack of the
    Vintage figure wasn't very detailed, and I had little to go on for design. But I am really happy
    how it all turned out. It could have been better, but all in all, I really like it.


    WIP Pics

    Final Pics

    MOTU Personal Customs
    Filmation MAA Custom
    Dragstor Custom
    Filmation Hordak & Horde Prime Customs
    Battle Armor Faker Custom
    Filmation Hordak 2.0 (WIP)
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