This is my new custom.

Lion Fist is the guardian of the Eternia Towers. He is a great friend of Sorceress.

Lion Fist's powers comes from Central Tower; the colour of armor and weaponry is the same of the lion tower.

The gold Griffin is one of living statues in front of the entrance to the tower. This Griffin often helps Lion Fist to protect the Eternia Towers by evil attacks!

Lion Fist's real name is ...Maximus Decimus Meridius...

...but tomorrow I'm be going to write a more detailed bio.

Body: He-Man
Head: He-Man; hemet sculpted on Head
knickers: Carnivus
Sheld: Carnivus
Sword: Fisto
Armor: Palace Guards partially resculpted
Lion Fists: By a God of Wars statue, repainted
Griffin: resin statue, repainted
Stand: sculpted

What do you think?