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Thread: If Mattel was to do a reissue for 2013, which figure would you like to see?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkmoon766 View Post
    All other answers are incorrect, as she is THE main female character (sorry Shera/Adora) and no display is complete with out her. She is an original 8-back toy that many people don't have, that has 3 or more display options, was in every (almost) fimation episode, and was never re-released. This is why secondary marked has her as high as Shadow Weaver in many cases. All other figures mentioned here are good Ideas, but can be obtained reasonably. (exception being Spirit of Grayskull or silver Shera) Bronze Grayskull or original grayskull can be painted from abundant copies of re-release santa Grayskull. The best resolution would be a Teela 2.0, but it seems that is as impossible as the Battle-Ram. Fisto would be a close second, as some people who subbed got a Sorceress in their Fisto mailer and he was under-produced, but is still not as demanded as Teela, THE main female character.

    8-back main female character 3+display options. Winner.

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    I'm also going for Teela 2.0 to ride on Battle-Cat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkkosis View Post
    I'm also going for Teela 2.0 to ride on Battle-Cat.
    Sounds good to me... I'd buy 2.

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    TEELA: If they won't re-issue her, at least make a 3.0 (Mattel considers BG Teela 2.0) utilizing her other looks (200x/Filmation/Mini-comic/etc.). For goodness sake, they put a recolored version of the Cobra armor in the latest weapons pack, but she's never had a real re-issue. I don't count the "now you see her, now she's gone" sales we have had. She's a main character. She should be evergreen, at least for a while.

    ROBOTO: A figure that also needs a revamp/2.0 because of the problems the initial one encountered. A nod to the 200x look with a metallic plastic chest. Clear plastic is apparently a no-go in this line.

    SORCERESS: Initial stock ran out too fast (both versions) for a figure that Mattel should have known would be very popular; also should be a evergreen. Doubt she'll be re-issued as her original form (unless the pink Breast Cancer charity idea actually sinks into Matty's head. Nah.), but hopefully another version of her is in the works.

    FISTO: Subscribers didn't get this figure. That should be reason enough. I like the re-pack idea with the vintage version coming with Stridor.

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    I want to see again:
    Kobra Khan
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    Of all the figures Teela would be my pick for a straight re-issue ... however I recently gave up waiting and went to the marketplace to pick up another Teela so I could display a caucasian Goddess look alongside my green Goddess, Teela, BG Teela and blonde mini-comic Teela.

    Instead of straight re-issues, what I'd rather see Mattel do is issue (no new tool) paint variants of figures or re-packs with the alternate head displayed on card. Suggestions could include black face Grizzlor, Leo Faker, moustache MAA, 200x head Whiplash, etc etc. This would be a good way to help newer fans to the line get essential characters and fans who've been here from the start could buy the variants to keep their collection whole.

    Sadly, I will not hold my breath waiting for this to happen as we know Mattel don't favour this strategy.

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    Frosta, with right color scheme and corrected fore arms. =)
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    Look, I already have one I got here at the begining of the year for a decent amount, and the question asked was which 2012 figure. My answer is mosquitor. Having said that i it was any one figure, I agree with this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Whiplash7 View Post
    Teela. Everything about this--from her lack of reissue, to her current price on the secondary market--is outrageous for a character of her standing. She should be evergreen, not trade bait for Wun-Dar.
    First, I'd like to display at least 1 more with a bg teela head, and figure I could pick up a few more to trade for like mosquitor. As far as snake armor teela, she ceased to exist when the goddess arrived.
    And my feelings on getting mattel to fix their figures flaws is a whole other argument for a different thread.
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