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Thread: rcpax's B/S/T thread

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    rcpax's B/S/T thread

    rcpax's Buy/Sell/Trade thread

    Everything you see here is both for SALE and for TRADE. Send me a PM if something interests you.

    Okay folks here's what I have, everything is MOC with white mailer. I prefer to trade for my wants first before selling :

    -=HAVES=- (These figures are FOR SALE too, but a good trade will take priority)
    > Ram Man MOC- TRADE Only. I will only trade Ram Man for BA Faker, Granamyr. PM me your offers.
    > Jitsu MOC
    > Mantenna MOC
    > Battle Cat MOC

    Please note that these figures are not AFA graded, and the edges may have some small dings from the factory. If you are looking for AFA Gold grade figures, all I can provide you are pictures, if you ask for them. WYSIWYG. The term MOC is being loosely used here to mean the figure is still in the plastic bubble window, and have not been taken off and out of the card.


    -must be MOC w/ white mailer (will save trade agreement for a later time for unreleased wants):

    BA Faker (preferred carded with Bizzaro, or can be loose but needs to be complete, with no paint problems)
    Moss Man Flocked [for any one 6" figure]
    Weapons Rack
    Weapons Pak: End of War™
    Weapons Pak: Great Unrest
    Weapons Pak: Ultimate Battle Ground
    Weapons Pak: Great Wars Assortment

    -as long as it's only been displayed and NOT played-with
    -Loose but Complete condition means the items you are willing to trade are complete, just like when they were taken out of the card. If you have these in MOC condition, I will take MOC too.
    -I have all of these figures MOC already, thus it is not priority for me to trade with loose figures.
    -I am aware of the values of these figures, so please PM your offers. All trades shall be negotiated (whether it will be a 1:1, 1:2, or 2:3 MOCs to Loose).


    I am taking offers on all figures above. Send me PM with your location (include zip code please) and your offer. All offers will be considered, but please no ridiculously low offers.

    Send me a PM if you see anything that interests you. I am located at zip 46311. For buyers/traders outside of the US mainland, let me know right away on your first PM to avoid further confusion.

    Thanks for looking.

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