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Thread: Super7 Masters of the Universe Retro Action figure set review by Pixel Dan

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    Super7 Masters of the Universe Retro Action figure set review by Pixel Dan

    Dan's back with a new review! This time he takes a look at the Masters of the Universe Retro Action set from Super7. Check it out!

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    Part of what was great about MOTU was that they were quite unique and bulky compared to other toys of the time. Let alone now with the modern articulation and detailing of classics so these are pointless for me personally. I love the card art though! If only classics had card backs like that.

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    These figures are great fun. And, the scale works very well with existing playsets. Castle Grayskull looks appropriately massive next to these small figures:

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    I wish mer-man's green belt was painted all the way around.

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    One of the things I like about Mer-Man in particular is the way he's looking up... you can imagine him swimming up from the depths of the ocean like a shark.
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