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Thread: 1:4 Teela statue from PCS

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    1:4 Teela statue from PCS


    Limited to 175 pieces -- SOLD OUT!!
    Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to announce TEELA as the third release in our popular line of Masters of the Universe statues. Based specifically on the classic 80’s Filmation ‘Masters of the Universe’ cartoon, every effort has been made to create the most accurate collectible of Teela as she appeared in the beloved series. Our artists studied hours of animation, including actual product cells and style guide artwork to bring you this long awaited collectible. This very limited PCS Exclusive edition features not only the Blaster from the regular version, but a swap out Sword and Shield !
    I can't believe that the Teela statue didn't already have its own thread.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Teela has been pushed back to at least January according to Jerry over on the Statue forums.

    Teela is well into production but Im not sure she will ship before January.
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    I'd buy MOTUC filmation teela in a heartbeat

    finger crossed for 2016

    Overall, that's a piece of art
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    Whats next ?

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    I think Jerry means ship from China in January. I'm guessing we won't get her until Feb/March at the earliest.

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