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Thread: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe | Ongoing #15 Talkback Thread - SPOILERS

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    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe | Ongoing #15 Talkback Thread - SPOILERS


    Issue #15
    "The Blood of Grayskull" part 2

    Based on a story by: Rob David & Lloyd Goldfine
    Script: Dan Abnett
    Art: Pop Mhan
    Cover: Ariel Olivetti

    Comes out today July 23rd.
    Get your copy at your local comic book store or digitally via comixology.

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    Love that Swifty features heavily in this.
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    I totally loved the explanation what the Fright Zone does and how it spreads. Also a nice nod to the Magna Beam Chamber in SOTS, but this time it's the people's souls which are feeding Hordak. Wow!

    And Swifty of course!

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    It was so cool to see Swiftwind.
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    Abnett is telling one hell of a story....... Pages 9-12 are, single best explanation of what HM truly is, ever. After all theses years, Dan, Pop and DC NAILED it. I actually got chills when reading it. I don't know if I like the Swifty is Swifty and not Spirit thing but its Swifty none the less.

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    I like that we get a better glimpse of their personalities this issue.

    He-Man will NOT let atrocities continue, regardless of it being a stealth mission. He had to free his people right then and there. The Grayskull lightning as a fry everyone in range ability is new...

    Adora on the other hand, seemed like her brainwashing still has lingering effects. She thinks of Hordak as an invicible god of entropy.

    No love for SPIRIT, eh? No figure and now no comic either? But we did get Swiftwind though.

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    Another good issue. I like the explanation of how the Fright Zone spreads. I've always wondered "what is that thing?" when I've seen the Fright Zone in the She-Ra cartoon. I've always thought it looks neat but didn't really understand what it was.
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    Another good issue!

    First i have to say that Pop Mhan's art here is one of his best. It's almost cinematographic, and gaves the impression that you watch a film, not reading a comic. The pages with the manifestation of the Power Sword's might, the Fright Zone's response, Swift Wind and Sorceress Teela's dreaming projection are breathtaking.

    The characterizations are spot on. Personally i believe is the best He-Man's character moment in the whole series. This is how He-Man should be. The He-Man that doesn't bow the head and close the eyes against the terrible fate that expects his people, even if the logic is with Adora's side. The He-Man that can't hide, with all this pain and suffering around him. The He-Man that at the end is not only the hero, but also the leader of his people.

    Adora is also very well characterized. She was raised by Hordak, so she knows better than anyone for what he is capable of doing. And as shown from this issue she has every reason to fear his reaction. But fighting against these odds, it's bringing her, closer and closer to finally embrace her destiny. Also i loved the pannel with Adora holding Adam's hand at the end. It shows that finally the twins are beginning to bond with each other.

    Good also to see Sorceress Teela as the spiritual and actual guide of the twins during their quest.

    Was very good also to see the bond between Adam, Adora and their animal companions. And DC Swiftwind was really awesome in his debut to the DC continuity. As for Spirit, i believe that also Cringer has not being mentioned by name in the DC comics so far. What we saw, was basically Battle Cat without his armor. Perhaps Swiftwind will be able to transform to his alter ego after Adora will become She-Ra.

    At last, it was incredible to see that the new Sword of Power is able to unleash such kind of might but it was also terrifying the way that the Fright Zone reply to it. The question is, we are going to see this again, or Adam will consider too much power for anyone to handle it., and he will not try it again?

    Overall i believe that Abnett, Mhan, but also Rob David & Lloyd Goldfine from Mattel, they are doing a really good work with this arc. I only hope that the ongoing will continue beyond issue #18, because finally the DC MOTU comic is reading as a MOTU story. Just get rid off He-Man's pants.

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    I agree with everyone's points. I really thought the last arc was complete garbage, but this arc so far has been absolutely awesome!
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    For those who wants to see Swiftwind in action, here is a panel from this issue:

    Pop Mhan did a good job here.

    I have to say that i like the way they handle the animal companions of the twins so far. Battle Cat is one of the best and more consistent characters of the ongoing. He doesn't talk, but his facial expressions are very well done, when he express his emotions. I love how he behaves like a giant kitten when he is with someone that he loves and how he transforms to a fierce war machine during the battle.

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    This new arc is by far some of the best MOTU writing since the mini comics circa 1982! May be the single best issue of the new launch! Great art, great story... just bad ass! great job to all that were involved... This is the He-Man story I have been waiting for!
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