Hi everyone. Im really excited about this. Its like being a kid in a candy store.

Just to answer a few questions:

- These will more than likely only be sold through our new webstore thats currently being built, so if you are interested in being on the newsletter for our MOTU statue news please shoot an email to PCSToys@aol.com with 'MOTU Newsletter' in the subject line. The webstore is targeted to go live in February and He-Man (of course) will be the first statue.

- Our new webstore will offer payment plans so you dont have to take the entire financial bite at once. Having said that we are working with our factories to get you the most affordable price possible. These are very big pieces so $325-350 is expected.

- As has been mentioned these are going to be Filmation style with a bit of extra detail, so they wont fit in with the gorgeous statues that NECA previously did. The styles are very different....that doesnt mean we dont have plans for something more 'realistic' down the road...

- As far as character selection do not expect Skeletor to be second. id like to mix things up a bit...and yes, you will absolutely see female characters.

- Im excited about hearing your input and I am already talking with He-Man.org about hosting some contests/giveaways.