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I know... but those are usually far more detailed and complex statues... I think this one has very little detail and paint apps to justify those prices IMO...
Not necessarily. Jessica Rabbit went for $325, and she has practically no detail.

You gotta look at it this way: this is a 3d printed model (made from a ZBrush sculpt). Printing the master goes for 2K and the paint master is 1K (and believe me, I'm not just making these figures up), unless Pop Culture Shock does the painting in-house which I doubt. Those are prices in from a US 3D printer that specializes in collectibles, but I think this statue was 3D printed in China by Ownage, and Ownage is a bit more expensive (but the print quality is better).

So that's just 3K to get a print master painted.

Right now 3D printing is extremely expensive, and prices are going up. If it was four years ago, the He-Man statue may have cost $250. Wait another year and you'll be paying $400+ for these types of collectibles.

And besides, guys, these things are HUGE! Really. Just wait until you see it in person. You'll see. And if you paid $250 + shipping for a MOTUC Castle Grayskull, I don't see how you can complain of a $350 price tag for a Filmation He-Man statue.

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Edit: And yes, that was me rambling and might have made little sense.

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Are those prices before or after the discounts if you pay upfront?
As far as I know, there are no discounts if you pay up front. At least there's none in Sideshow Collectibles. I don't know about PCS since I've never bought anything from them.